Term Limits may be coming to the US


It seems concerns about the ever expanding class of “professional” politicians have taken root in the US.

The US Term Limits Convention is a mechanism under Article 5 of the US Constitution which allows individual states require that term limits are applied to Congress.

This would mean that members of the Senate and the House of Representatives would not be able to serve successive terms, paving the way for more diverse and widespread representation in Congress.

The inclusion of Article 5 in the US Constitution is seen by many as intent on the part of the founding fathers that the legislature would be composed or ordinary citizens who volunteered for service for a fixed period of time and then returned to their daily lives.

The process for bring this about is daunting. 34 states have to vote to convene a convention to make proposals for term limits, and then 38 states have to ratify those proposals.

That said, the process is under way. In February 2016, Florida became the first state to vote in favour of calling a convention.



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